The Transposition of Things – my first six weeks in Sydney

G’day as they say here in Sydney :)

It’s been awhile since my last update, mostly because I’ve been settling in, job searching, apartment hunting, and generally sleuthing out the best life possible for the next few months. After unpacking for the zillionth, and hopefully final time – at least for 6 months – I’m ready to sit down and fill you all in on my comings and goings down here in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s COOOOLD! It’s winter at the moment, and Sydney gets chill breezes, just like L.A. in the winter months – no snow though, and for that, I am thankful. Everyone I’ve come across says the same thing: “Just wait until Spring!” So I’m warming the chillier months by working at lululemon athletica in the heart of Sydney on George Street.

I’ve never been more excited to go to work in my life! I bounce out of bed, and positively prance down the street in my neon work out gear, which is one of the best perks of working in athletic wear! I am dressed whimsically for the city, which, like NYC seems to have a uniform of all black, but it also has the increadibly laid back attitude of Santa Monica. It’s like if Los Angeles and New York City took running starts in a game of chicken, and forgot to put the breaks on, they would collide and become Sydney.

Everything looks and feels like home here, but it’s just tweaked a bit. Business close around 6 pm everyday, except Thursday – shopping day, with reduced hours on the weekends. Life comes before work. It is winter in summer, and when I landed here, everything seemed backward. I was in shell shock. Australia is not like Asia, where everything is foreign. People live a westernized life, but in a different key, at a slower, leisurley tempo. If you fold the world in two on the equator and faced the two continents to look at each other, I bet they’d be long lost twins. Looking at a map of Australia it feels like I’m looking at the U.S., but upside-down: Maine is now Tasmania, Florida is in the tropics still, but it’s North and it’s called Cape York Pen. Texas is now the Northern Territory, and has a city called Darwin – a tad less creationist then it’s mate.

I feel inside-out, upside-down, transposed and tessalated, trying all the different things I’ve always wanted to try, and being all the different people I’ve always wanted to be. My work is led by my passion, running neck and neck with a life filled with compulsory leisure hours. I am learning to be still. I am learning to be. I am learning. I am.


I’d love to hear from all of you!






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