Did you know a Kangaroo Could Total a Car???

Strange but true I know! Kangaroos are very dangerous pests in Australia. They look like white bunnies that have had blood dumped all over them “Carrie” style, grown 7 feet tall, and can punch a hole in your car or knock you across town with there feet. No, this has not happened to me, but it is a very real threat along with the dinner plate sized spiders and the infamous drop bear that is a Koala that will drop out of the trees onto your head and attack you, or so say the native Australians, although they’re generally a few deep at the pub during such conversations.


I have not yet encountered any such creatures, because I’ve been living in Sydney and surrounding myself with lovely lululemon yoga rats! We’re a very mellow breed. We go to yoga classes daily, and mix it up with acro yoga, xtend barre, pilates classes and dance classes. You can spot a lululemon yoga rat by their super stretchy, black pants, shiny top and tendency to ask if you’ve seen all the crazy, useful hidden pockets in their gym bag. Things are even more beautiful in the store as we gear up for the Christmas season. It’s very odd to have summer in December (although it’s a bit of a wet one). I go the beach with my lovely friends and house mates. I’ve recently moved a few minutes outside the city into a fantastic house with 6 other people. My housemates cooked the most beautiful thanksgiving dinner, and we had representatives from the UK, Germany, Australia, Columbia, Canada, France, India and of course US represented hard core.


It hasn’t been all work. I’ve been chilling on the beaches in Bondi and Manly, going for long walks around the bays. The deep sapphire blue water licks the shore, creating these perfect vistas. Australia is known for it’s walks, and I’m looking forward to exploring more of them. (As long as I don’t meet any kangaroos!) I won’t let it be so long next time, until I write!


Hope all is well, and I wan to hear from all of you!!!


Passionately yours,



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