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Byron Bay Visits Me…

Driving up the PCH with my window all the way down, letting that pungent, day old fish market odor blast me in the face, on the cold breath of a zephyr, living today twice over as he flies across the … Continue reading

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The Campervan Chronicles: Part II

Forget May 21, 2011. That Rapture guy… he was a crazy. We all know when the fire and brimstone is going to start raining down on us. It’s on all the radio shows, and news stations from the West Coast … Continue reading

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The Campervan Chronicles: Part I

It’s been 2 plus months since I’ve been States side, and it’s been nagging at me that I never finished writing about my journey. Truthfully, after Vipassana all I wanted to do was enjoy my present company, my present location … Continue reading

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Ground yourself: Landing back in Los Angeles

Superman decelerates, landing gracefully on his feet with one arm up in the air, sometimes wit Lois Lane in tow. Spiderman crouches on the side of a building, webbing the whole city together with his super threads, and no one … Continue reading

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Dissecting the Silence – 10 days at Vipassana

Have you ever thought of taking a plane ride around the world? From horizon to horizon, landing just where you started? The first solo, nonstop, round-the-world flight was made by Steve Fosset, beginning on Monday, February 28th, 2005 and ending … Continue reading

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Did you know a Kangaroo Could Total a Car???

Strange but true I know! Kangaroos are very dangerous pests in Australia. They look like white bunnies that have had blood dumped all over them “Carrie” style, grown 7 feet tall, and can punch a hole in your car or … Continue reading

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The Transposition of Things – my first six weeks in Sydney

G’day as they say here in Sydney It’s been awhile since my last update, mostly because I’ve been settling in, job searching, apartment hunting, and generally sleuthing out the best life possible for the next few months. After unpacking for … Continue reading

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The many uses for flowers: Bali and Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

There is a point, after you’ve been traveling for a while, when your flip flops are worn through, and you’re bag is full to the top and spilling over into other bags, and you’ve gone from carrying everything from home … Continue reading

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What I did during my 5 days in Laos…

Sa Bai Dee mes amis,  Laos is a mush of colors. Greens, blues and browns fade into one another in the foreground, and as your eyes wander up from the river, the background blues fade away into clouds and light … Continue reading

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Vietnam, I’m Diggin’ On Your Energy

Riding from the Cambodian countryside into Saigon, Vietnam is like passing through the Lincoln tunnel from Jersey to NYC: loud and bustling. Motorbikes pour around one another like water over rocks. Everywhere there are odd passengers like bales of herbs, … Continue reading

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